Our aims

Cambridge Papers offer Christian reflection on contemporary issues.

Cambridge Papers are published once a quarter and address a wide range of topics – social, economic, political, cultural, aesthetic, philosophical, scientific, and more besides – including topics sometimes neglected in Christian circles. Our aim is to help to equip Christians to engage thoughtfully and faithfully with a complex and changing world. At the same time, we aim to demonstrate the continuing value of biblical insight into all aspects of the human condition.

Each Cambridge Paper seeks to be:
  • biblical – in its foundations, perspective, and ethical orientation
  • up to date – tackling new problems and engaging with relevant literature
  • rigorous – reviewed in draft several times by the editorial group
  • accessible – a concise paper, typically just 4,000 words long
  • practical – because thought should lead to action.

Some of our papers are written by members of the editorial group but the majority are now written by guest authors who bring their particular knowledge to bear on the topic under consideration. Our guest authors include both established experts and emerging thinkers: indeed, we hope that the opportunities afforded by Cambridge Papers will help younger Christian thinkers to develop their potential contribution to biblical reflection on contemporary issues.