Request printed copies

“I would like to receive print copies of Cambridge Papers in the future: will that be possible?”

For readers who would like to receive a printed copy of each Cambridge Paper delivered to your door, it is now possible to become a subscriber. This service is available only for delivery to an address in the United Kingdom. For more details about our Standard Subscription and our Discounted Subscription (for Christian workers and students), please visit our ‘Subscribe’ webpage. If you would like to subscribe, please complete the appropriate subscription form (you will find links to the forms there).

“I don’t have a printer: is there a simple way for me to get a printed copy of a Cambridge Paper?”
You might like to take a look at the online document printers If you download the pdf version of a Cambridge Paper, you can then order a printed copy through The process is simple. In their words: “Upload your document, select your printing and binding options, tell us where you would like it to be sent, and you’re done!”
“I would like to order several printed copies of a particular Cambridge Paper: how can I do that?”

We do have a collection of printed copies of back issues. If you would like to order five or more copies of a particular Cambridge Paper, please get in touch. We will let you know whether we can meet your request and what the cost will be (including packing & postage).

“How can I access Cambridge Papers published before 2000?”

Back in 2000 we gathered together most of the Cambridge Papers written before that date and published them together in Christianity in a Changing World: Biblical insight on contemporary issues by Michael Schluter and the Cambridge Papers Group.  You may find that you can purchase a second-hand copy of this book via an online bookseller such as . You can access the contents pages of this book here. We may be able to supply printed copies of particular papers as we still have some in stock: please get in touch with us if this would be of interest.