Become a Sponsor

Although our authors and editorial group give of their time freely, we incur a number of costs (copy-editing, graphic design, website costs, printing, accountancy and administration). Furthermore, to extend our readership we distribute free copies as samples or to increase our impact we might distribute selected papers to key audiences. So, all told, our annual running costs are in the region of £8,000 – £10,000.

We rely on donations to meet our costs; we do not charge for Cambridge Papers except for the delivery and administration costs involved in sending out printed copies to subscribers.

We are hoping that a number of individuals, churches and Christian organisations might decide to ‘Become a Sponsor’ by giving £100 or more a year to Cambridge Papers Ltd.

Our aim is to make Cambridge Papers widely available and our Sponsors will play a key role, not only in helping to ensure our books balance, but in enabling us to distribute Cambridge Papers to new audiences.

Sponsors will receive a printed copy of each Cambridge Paper delivered free of charge to a UK address specified by you and, from time to time, we will be pleased to seek feedback and comments from our Sponsors.

To ‘Become a Sponsor’ please:

  1. Set up a standing order for a total of £100 or more per annum to our bank account:
    Name: Cambridge Papers Limited
    Sort Code: 30-91-74
    Account No: 00154358
    For example, this might be a standing order for £100 once a year, or £25 once a quarter, or £8.35 once a month.
  2. Let us know you have set up your standing order to ‘Become a Sponsor’ by sending an e-mail to: . If you would like to receive a printed copy of each Cambridge Paper, please tell us the UK address to which papers should be delivered.
Could you add Gift Aid to your gift?

HM Revenue & Customs have confirmed that Cambridge Papers Ltd is eligible for Gift Aid. If you would like to give us the opportunity to claim tax back on your gift (making each £1 worth 25p more to us), please consider completing, and sending to us, a Gift Aid declaration (available here).